Sunday, September 13, 2009

Helpful cops, thankless work

It was a nightmarish journey of over 50 km cutting through some of the most crowded parts of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. But it ws not the crowds that did me in. It was the severe water-logging due to an hour-long spell of heavy rain during peak traffic hour.

While the traffic was practically at a standstill, I was all admiration for a bevy of cops from the Delhi Police who had braved the intense showers to wade into the water, directing traffic through the motoroble sections and warning motorists to stay away from the deep water. Most importantly, they were doing this cheerfully even as angry and frustrated motorists out-honked each other. Probably because even their chief had left the comfortable environs of his office to reach the crowded India Gate circle. He was leading from the front and his men in white and blue were taking the right cues from him.


Property Guru India said...

Good to know that there are still human elements left in our traffic police corps. We have one-off instances in Mumai too, but for the most part they are still a mercenary, corrupt bunch of bottom-feeders

Dee said...

We'd all be so much happier if we spent a little more time noticing these "positive" things rather than just complaining about what sucks. Keep it coming Jaya.

CERTES said...

The police are the most criticised elements whom we cannot wish away, ever. Thankfully, a motley crew is also noticing, appreciating and expressing their admiration for the good job done. While we are comfortably sleeping with our A/c on, many policemen are on the job, and teh same bourgeoise ensures that they remain lowly paid and with no real comforts. However much we criticize and notice their misdeeds, an eye on their deeds is a good deed.

jayashree kurup said...

I am so happy to see that there are others who appreciate the small things of life. As a cub reporter, my metro editor once told me soething that I never forgot. She said, Never forget that the same cops we criticise are the ones who face the stone pelting crowds and protect the journalists so that we can criticise them for the weak action.
That's what I remembered when I saw the cops in action that day. Thanks all for your support.